The World

In a rural college town, a group of college friends hanging out over summer vacation at a pizza joint that they frequent. One day they discover the pizza joint has a suspicious business in the back.

The Call

The group paid no mind to how the sausage was made until one of the members was kidnapped after the pizza joint discovered that the member knew about the secret business.

The Mentor

On their way to the police, they were stopped by an undercover agent who informed them that the local police were corrupt, and that reinforcements would likely arrive too late.

The Threshold

The friends regroup to devise a plan to save their friend. But first try to gather information about the pizza joint’s secret business.

The Trials

Unable to find their friend through surveillance, they decide to get captured on purpose. Only to find the friend is not there.

The Ordeal

During their capture they come to the conclusion that their missing friend is probably dead.

The Transformation

After accepting the demise of their missing friend they come up with a plan to escape. They realize their only way out is to put up a fight.

The Apotheosis

They fight their way through, and make great progress. They’re slowed down by clues about what happened to the missing friend.

The Resurrection

As they search for answers, they get trapped in a corner with death imminent. But the agent comes in and saves them at the last moment with the help of the missing friend.

The Return

They conclude that pizza wasn’t good for them anyways since most of them are lactose intolerant. So, they become regulars at a Pho restaurant across the street.