The World

We start in a small one person space craft. A beat up stealth messenger craft. Meant to hand deliver messages from one side of the galaxy to another. The pilot is en route to a deliver package.

The Call

A distress beacon catches the pilots attention as it is registered to the same type of messenger craft as their own. They recover a mysterious box out of a pressurized container from the debris, and continue on their way to their destination. The credits they received from the confidential delivery barely make up for the repairs of the ship.

After the repairs, they begin to ask around about the mysterious box. Which puts the pilot on the radar of some bounty hunters looking for that box.

The Mentor

During the escape from the bounty hunters, the box is stolen by a slender bipedal cat.

A bit confused and defeated the pilot goes back to their hotel for the night. The cat is waiting at the door of the pilots hotel room with the room key in hand. The cat reveals that her partner had a box very similar to this one, but of an inverse color. The cats partner also went missing after delivering the box. The cat asks the pilot to take them to the last destination of the cat’s partner: the planet Gajyu.

Initially refusing due to it being out of the way, and Garyu being an infamously dangerous planet. The pilot starts heading to bed only for the bounty hunters to return.

The Threshold

In an escape from the bounty hunters the two rush into the stealth craft and get off planet. Luckily, due to the stealth technology the hunters cannot find them, but the ship was not designed for two people and they needed to land fast. On planet Gajyu. They land at a neutral outpost. The cat starts asking a local for specific directions to the Noli forest after consulting a notebook the cat had in their pocket.

They fuel up and head into the forest after the local mentions that the pilots special craft may attract some unwanted attention.

The Trials

In the forest they find an old temple that had been repurposed with a lot of modern technology. The cat insists they investigate. Within they find out the two boxes pair together to form “The Alchemist’s Secret”. Which acts as a key to authenticate digital credits. In addition, get information about the cats partners location.

The Ordeal

They find the cats partner’s stealth ship. Bounty hunters have captured the partner. They confront the bounty hunters and offer the box in exchange for their freedom.

The Reward

The deal goes well and the partner is freed, but unconscious. The bounty hunters are no longer after the pilot and the cat.

The Apotheosis

The partner wakes up and reveals who the bounty hunters were working for. And if they get both boxes it means the collapse of civilizations across the galaxy.

The Resurrection

With a new purpose they go after the bounty hunters. Their stealth ships allow them to sneak onto the enemy ship without being detected. The three fight their way to get the boxes. The pilot has to choose between financial stability and the Cats life.

The Return

The boxes tossed out an airlock, and falls apart in space. The Pilot gains life long friendship with the two cats.