We finally had a day that wasn’t miserably hot. But that was due to a typhoon. The morning was blasting rain. Shops were closed down. People largely sheltering inside. I am on my way with very wet pants to the dentist. Trying to be tactical with my umbrella usage to not ruin my partners nice umbrella. The rain raged through and calmed down by the time my teeth had been cleaned. Just a sprinkle of rain and a refreshing breeze. I’d expect a typhoon to make it more humid, but not this time. The relief didn’t carry over to the next day. Heat was already back. I can’t wait for the leaves the change.

This year, Many people have been using these neck-ice-rings to cool down while walking around outside. An ice pack that’ll wrap around your neck. You stick it in the freezer and grab it on your way out the door. When it’s very hot, the ring will only keep cold until you get to the station. It does not last very long, but it stalls the heat. One time I packed both of ours and stuck one in a cooler bag. Swapped out for a slightly colder one as I waited for our Banh-Mi.

Bread Report

We found yuzu shokupan (“sliced bread” shaped, with yuzu citrus in it). Like many products in Japan, it’s seasonal. It was soft and delicious. Had it with some whipped butter and honey.

Also found a spiced bread. No idea what’s in it. The restaurant that sells it will set them outside on a chair with a small sign. Absolutely incredible with some coffee.

We come visit this hiking trail when it's not so hot. This coffee car is often there.
We come visit this hiking trail when it's not so hot. This coffee car is often there.

Dentists in Japan are interesting compared to the US. They’ll sometimes do weird scheduling due to insurance. This works out to more smaller sessions. It had been a while since I last visited. I skipped this option and just go for do it all at once and hopefully stall the next visit by a few months1. I think even without insurance it’s not that much more expensive compared to the US. At the very least, they give you options with different costs at multiple points a long the way. Though not a great feeling to need to choose on the spot.

The dentist used a much brighter light and just put a towel over my face. I had a hard time not laughing with the towel. They’d put a suction tube in my mouth that’d make funny noises and I’d giggle. The whole setup was funny to imagine the other perspective.

  1. Though I do have a cavity so I guess I am not reducing my visits by much. ↩︎