During the holidays my uncle slipped while ice skating and Christmas eve a hospital trip. He’s doing fine now. At the time, my mom not really sure how to feel about the news mentions: You know you’re getting old when people stop laughing when you fall. To which I grabbed my mothers hand, looked her in the eyes, and said: Mom, I’ll always laugh when you fall.

I still haven’t quite escaped the jet lag from traveling. Doing a 8-day trip with a 15-hour difference then going back to Japan gives you about two solid weeks of jet lag without much of a break1. Given that this last week was mostly trying to just relax. It has not been a huge problem. But trying to let myself get bored is much harder at 4am. I struggle in the jet lagged early mornings and evenings to be able to have the focus to do something. I want to say I am in a transition phase. Doing this even without jet lag would require it. Trying to wean myself off of my go-to materials of filling time. Slowly establishing my rules of when something is okay to fill my time. My hope is that I will build more momentum on projects and habits that this becomes more natural. At the very least, this last week off gave me time to do more reading, writing, painting, as well as sleeping at odd times.

  1. Seems it took me nearly 2 weeks to adjust when I first moved here↩︎