I’m bad at sticking to hobbies. I consider myself a serial hobbiest. I have to force myself to keep interest in something before I allow myself to dive into something. Writing here is on that. The barrier of entry and cost is so low that it’s easy for me to try to write here, but I get busy and forget. Move on to other things. Spend my time drawing, watching netflix, programming.


I’m on week four into my internship. The company seems pretty great. A good mix of Japanese and Western style. They seem very interested in growing and willing to change in order to achieve that. So far I’ve been able to learn a bit of new things. Starting a new assignment next week. Hopefully, I’ll get to flex my skills with this one. Last two have been mostly brand new things to me. Unfortunately, don’t get to practice my Japanese much other than some occasional passive listening. Have to reach out to my friends to practice.

Living in Tokyo has been an interesting change. The crowded Shibuya-bound trains are packed in the mornings. I usually have enough time to wait for the next train, but for some reason I jump into the already packed one when the door opens.

Working on making friends here. Most of the people I already knew here are a little older than me, so I’m trying to find a few closer to my age. Had a video chat with my best friend which was really nice. Haven’t seen him in a while and it was great to catch up.

I went to a live house the other week. Amazing experience. I went and bought earplugs the next day so I can listen safely next time. I’m super excited to go again. I’ll be going to a sort of mini-festival in a few weeks. I’ll get to see a few bands I know and see a lot of new ones.