Here’s some general resources focused around the Japanese language. Reach out to me if any of the links are dead or too out of date.


Wanikani $ - Kanji learning web app. Made by the Tofugu team. How I’ve learned most of my kanji.

Jisho - Dictionary with clean design.

Tangorin - Another dictionary with clean design.

Weblio - Japanese to English dictionary. Often has words not found in other sites.

italki $ - 1-on-1 language tutoring.

Memrise - Language learning app focused around SRS flash cards.

Tae Kim's Guide to Learning Japanese - Grammar.

Imabi - Grammar.

Maggie Sensei - Lots of various lessons.

Tofugu - They have a lot of posts that go in depth for the language and culture. Often very light hearted and fun.

Dogen's Pitch Accent Lessons $ - Currently these are under his $10 tier, but his pitch accent lessons are quite good. It’s an aspect of learning Japanese that isn’t usually taught and is a huge part of sounding natural when speaking.


Some books may have older or newer editions. Shop around and you might be able to find a better deal.

Dictionary of Japanese Grammar $ - Big books of grammar. Split into beginner, intermediate, and advanced books.

A Handbook of Japanese Grammar Patterns for Teachers and Learners English Version $ - Another dictionary of grammar, but it isn’t separated in to separate books. Fairly new as well and a bit cheaper overall compared to the other Dictionary of Japanese Grammar collection.

Minna no Nihongo $ - Beginner series that’s in all Japanese. It’s probably the most immersive out of all the beginner books, but has the requirement that you’ll need to know your kana from the start.

Genki $ - Great beginner series to get a foundation to learn Japanese. A little expensive compared to other starting books, but has a lot of content. Content is geared towards student life.

Tofugus Textbook Guide ($) - Tofugu has a collection of resources around different textbooks and their pros and cons a bit more in depth.

Quartet $ - Intermediate focused grammar book. Around N3 level. Has audio to go along with most of the book.

Shadowing $ - Book with audio CD to listen to native dialog and practice shadowing.

Marugoto $ - Textbook focusing on speaking and listening. This book isn’t super great for self study, but there is audio and practice stuff online.

日本語総まとめ $ - Collection of books good for reviewing JLPT content N3 N2 N1

YouTube Channels

Necota's Japanese Language Classroom - Good grammar lessons. Focused around JLPT content.

Nihongo no mori - Lots of content. Much of which is focused around JLPT grammar.

Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo - Podcast Mirror/Special lessons.

Ako Sensei - Lots of JLPT focused content.


日本語 with あこ - Podcast by professional teacher in easy to understand Japanese on various topics.

Kotsu Kotsu Nihongo - Podcast by professional teacher in easy to understand Japanese on various topics. Transcripts are available on her website.

Tofugu Podcast - By the Tofugu team. Almost all of 2019’s podcasts were language focused. Some of the earlier ones are hit and miss for language learning, but can be fun to listen to anyways.

JLPT Stories - Very short podcast episodes focused around tiny stories spoken at various JLPT levels. Most episodes are less than 5 minutes.

Bilingual News - News read and discussed in both English and Japanese.

Konnichiha Podcast - Various topics and discussions in English and Japanese.