Hi, I’m Jamie Crisman.

I do software development. For my hobbies I tend to do a lot of web development, but also like to experiment with game development, drawing, studying Japanese, and photography. I moved to Tokyo at the beginning of 2020 to experience life beyond North Texas. I occasionally write here about my hobbies, side projects, or just life in a foreign country.


  • Living in Tokyo since January 2020
  • For work, I am doing fullstack web development with Go, Javascript, Python
  • Learning to draw and paint with traditional gouache
  • Writing everyday with 750 words broke my streak :c taking a break.
  • Watching these:
    • She-Ra
    • Task Master
    • Avatar The Last Airbender (in Japanese)
  • Playing these games:
    • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered
    • Ikenfell
  • Listening to this podcast:
  • Reading List