"See I told you!"

She was quite proud of her find.

"I legitimately can't believe this. How did you find it in the middle of no where? Why were you here?"

"I decided to ride my bike to visit my grandma, and stopped here to get a drink. I was trying to remember when they did this flavor? Do you remember?"

"It was so so long ago. I think we were in fourth grade?"

"Not fifth? I remember we got this at the convenience store with Lina and it went up her nose. But we weren't friends with her until fifth year."

"I guess... They only did this for sakura season that year. Do you think it's even good still?"

She puts a few coins in the vending machine and pushes the button for the long expired soda.

Some of the display images were quite faded, but the machine itself was rather clean. Despite being on a narrow road surrounded by rice fields. The machine has a sticker on the corner saying it was setup in 2004. Along with a maintenance number if it eats your money. But most likely they’ll just apologize and say they’ll look into it next time they restock. I’ve heard sometimes they’ll mail you the 120 yen if you complain enough.

"I don't know, but I am grateful for my sakura vanilla soda angel." She pulls the plastic lever for coin return, and 80 yen drop.

"Of all the places... what a weird place to find nostalgia."